1. By paying a contribution or deposit towards a barber course with Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy you are agreeing to our standard terms and conditions.

2. Once a deposit is paid to secure a course place this is non-refundable. If the remaining course fee is not paid by the agreed due date you will risk losing your booked place on the courses.

3. The enrolment of the learner is accepted on the basis that the learner commences the course start date confirmed via email.

4. Each student is expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner for the safety and consideration of all persons in the academy.

5. Learners are required to be respectful of fellow learners, tutors, staff members, models, clients and any visitors to the academy at all times.

6. No controlled drugs, unless prescribed, or alcoholic beverages are allowed to be consumed on the premises. Any form of aggressive behaviour, racism, sexism, homophobia or any other offensive behaviour is not acceptable and will result in the student being expelled with no refund.

7. The Academy will periodically use photograph images and videos for marketing and social media purposes. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please inform us when you start the course.

8. Learners are required to inform tutors of any personal circumstance that they feel may affect their training prior to starting their course. Our aim is to always support each learner throughout their course, any information provided will remain confidential.

9. Any learner found stealing from the academy or other persons on the premises will be expelled with immediate effect with no refund and the Police will be informed.

10. Each learner is responsible for looking after their own property. Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy cannot and will not accept any responsibility for any loss of personal possessions or equipment.

11. Any learner wilfully or recklessly damaging Academy property will be liable to immediate expulsion without refund.

12. The Academy reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus necessary to maintain its standards.

13. No allowance will be given for any absence or lateness without prior agreement.

14. If a learner fails to attend the confirmed course or achieve their NVQ for any reason, the academy is not liable to refund.

15. The academy is not entitled to add extra days due to learner absentees, bank holidays or any unforeseen circumstances.

16. It is Thomas Lloyd Barbering Academy prerogative to change start dates should any unforeseen issues occur.

17. In the rare event that the academy must close for a day due to internal or property related issues then additional course days will be added to the course.

18. Any additional days required to achieve the learners NVQ will be charged for at the discretion of the academy, at a date deemed suitable.

19. The course fee does not include any external examination/assessment fees or equipment, unless stated.

20. To partake in the NVQ Level 2 Barber Course you must be capable of reading, writing and communicating in English.